Commonly Asked Questions:

Yes it is included in the ticket price along with transfers from town. You must select a free transfer with your booking and indicate where you would like to be picked up from.

Yes they are but you must select the transfer button and add on onto your ticket along with the pickup place. It is not automatic. Are transfers included with the Skybridge tickets? No they are not. If you would like a transfer please add the transfer which costs extra.

No they are not. If you would like a transfer please add the transfer which costs extra.

Our bank uses most stringent security protocols for online payments and requires payment verification through an OPT code sent to your mobile. We understand that while travelling overseas you might not able to receive this code. So if you have trouble completing your payments due to OTP not received or other issues please do not go to other booking platforms to book. We have your reservation. We will follow up via email to confirm your booking and you can pay directly on arrival. If this is a last minute booking either call us on +678 5550423 or whatsApp +678 5554942 or email

There is a list of selected downtown hotels. We do not pick up at remote locations, the airport or the cruiseship. Please meet at Nambawan Cafe and select the transfer option. Please note we can only pickup from our usual locations due to the fact that the vehicles are on a time line. There are many places the drivers do not know and will get lost so we stick to our list. If you are unsure email us and we will advise which location is best.

4pm and you may self drive up there at any time. If you want a transfer however, you will need to make a reservation for the transfer online.

Yes you do need to make reservations. Last minute bookings are not ideal since it is a “guided tour” and we have to schedule our guides based on the numbers of participants but if in doubt call us +678 555023 and find out if we have the room.

online reservations is 1.5 hours. We are not always on our computer so may not see the reservation come in if you book last minute. Always good to follow up with a phone call if you are doing a last minute booking online. Keep in mind it takes 40 minutes to drive down from the Summit so expecting an instant transfer will not happen. We also have many bookings so the truck may be full.

Yes we can pick up at the terminal. Choose “Cruise ship wharf” pickup location during booking.

There is no place to stop a truck at Iririki jetty so please make your way down to nearby Nambawan Cafe (No 1) and meet at our signs there. Don’t forget to book in your transfer pickup location.

Yes you potentially do, depending on what time you arrive. Its best to take a taxi up from the airport or contact us to discuss.

Everyday except Xmas Day. We have tours at 9:30am, 10:30am and 1:30pm on the Zipline and same with the Swing. The Skybridge is open all day and has unlimited numbers (limited numbers of transfers for Skybridge). We have transfers at either 9am or 10am and 1pm from town.

Yes you all ride up together and can see/meet each other for parts of the tour. You won’t be separated for long. For example, everyone can meet up on the Skybridge for photos together.

Yes we do have lockers up at The Summit. Its not advisable to bring up big suitcases with you as we often have lots of passengers in the vehicle. We can drop off at the airport on the way back from your activity. But there is gear storage at the airport and at our office in town.

If you are coming in our transportation, we advise 3 hours return trip from town for either the Zipline, Swing or Skybridge. If you are self driving then its about 1.15 to 1.5 hours on the line and about another 30 minutes for signing in, harnessing, briefs, de-harnessing and getting a drink.

Yes you may bring your iPhone. We provide pouches that are attached to your full body harness to carry your phone on the zipline. Similarly we ask that you bring an attachment like a selfie stick for your go pro that we can tie to your harness in case you drop it. We have a couple of helmets that take go pros. Please note that if you drop your phone from a line it may be difficult to locate. So best to take photos from the ground of friends or family departing on arriving onto a platform.

Yes you may if they are not loose but if they are expensive prescription glasses please do not flip upside down on the zipline or sit your glasses on top of your head where the wind can whip it off. You may want to tie them on if they are expensive.

Its not a good idea on the Zipline due to potential abrasions from the platforms as you come in to land. And on the hike out from the Canyon Swing it is recommended for good solid footwear. But if you didn’t bring anything else we are not going to turn you away. Reef shoes are better than thongs as they don’t fall off.

Well, its better to have shorts or comfortable casual clothing as dresses get caught up and are uncomfortable in a harness. Same with bikini or short tops where the straps can rub.

We do not have a restaurant. The closest restaurant is Island Magic or The Beach Bar which is nearby. We do however, sell snacks and drinks that can tide you over until you get to lunch. We do have a BBQ pit and tables if you care to bring your own. K2 restaurant also can pack you a picnic if you book ahead.