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Tables, Toilets, Parking, locker room, on site. A selection of snacks and refreshment are for sale.

Located on Devil’s Point Road, just past Island Magic Resort in Mele Bay, Port Vila. Follow the signs to Vanuatu Jungle Zipline. Bring a picnic, make it a fun family day. A beautiful setting for family photos.

Phones, cameras and go-pros are welcome.

We have small yellow bags that attach to your harness to bring your phones to take photos.

Age & Weight Restrictions

Skybridge - 0-3 free of charge. No Minimum or Maximum Age or Weight restrictions.

Canyon Swing - minimum weight 25 kgs or 5 years. Maximum 140kgs. Must be relatively physically fit to walk up steep stairs with handrails out of the canyon which takes about 15-20 minutes.

Zipline  - minimum weight 25 kgs or 5 years. Maximum weight: 120kgs.  Must be mobile with the ability to walk over uneven surfaces with minimal inclines. Not suitable for pregnant women.

Skybridge - 0-3 free, Ages 4-17 yrs, Adults 18+

Zipline and Swing 5-17 yrs Child, Adult 18+

Zipline Maximum 120Kgs Minimum age is 5 years and must fit into a harness.

Swing Minimum 25kgs and Maximum 140kgs

Chair in the Air 140Kgs

We have a list of selected downtown hotels. We do not pick up at remote locations, or the airport. If you are coming from a hotel further from town in Pango (further than Waves or Breakas), Second Lagoon, White Sands, Eratap, Erakor Mainland then please meet at Nambawan Cafe in town and select the transfer option. Please note we can only pickup from our usual locations due to the fact that the vehicles are on a time line. In regards to Air BNB and private houses, there are many places the drivers do not know and will get lost so we stick to our list. We can pick up at main locations along the highway. If you are staying out in Havannah you can get a bus to either the bottom of our hill or we can meet you at Kava House in Mele at a specific time. (Note: the driver can not wait if you are late).

If self driving to the bottom of the Summit Hill your bus driver can park below and wait for you. We provide a free shuttle up and down our hill and the telephone number for a transfer is located on the sign at the bottom of our hill. If you are unsure email us on junglezipline@gmail.com or call on +678 5550423 and we will advise which location is best.

We are now able to pickup at the CRUISESHIP TERMINAL. We can do pickups at first arrival at 8:30-8:45am and 12:30pm but you must be booked in. Otherwise please catch a water taxi to Nambawan (No 1) Cafe on the seafront in town and meet at our signs/ticketbooth. The water taxi from the cruiseship wharf cost AUD$5 per person cash and it takes about 15 minutes.

If you are self driving, you do not need to make reservations and can stop in anytime from 8am to 4pm. If you want a transfer from town however, you will need to make a reservation for the transfer online.

Yes if you need a transfer from town. Its also a good idea to warn us or book before you drop by as it takes about 20 minutes to set up the Chairs and our guides may be on another tour.

Yes you do. The same guides that are on the Zipline are doing the Swing tours so they may be busy on another activity. We need a minimum of 2 hours notice and preferably 24 hours notice for groups so we can schedule on more guides if needed.

The Summit Gardens are currently provided free of charge to anyone who buys an entry ticket to the park for either the Skybridge, Chair in the Air, Zipline or Canyon Swing. There are lovely balinese inspired gardens with winding paths, a bamboo grove, fish ponds and multiple spots to sit or to picnic on the grounds.

We have 4 Chairs at present so 4 people can comfortably sit and glide along the cable bringing a bottle of champagne or whatever you choose to share. We provide an esky, plastic glasses, and ice to keep your drinks cold. As well as the guide who can take your photos and will harness you, slide you out along the line, wait for you to finish your experience and bring you back. Typically the experience is about 20 minutes but if there is no one waiting you are free to stay as long as you like.

If you are coming in our transportation, we advise 3 hours return trip from town for either the Zipline, Swing or Skybridge. If you are self driving and just doing one or two activities then its about 1.15 to 1.5 hours on the line and about another 30 minutes for signing in, harnessing, briefs, de-harnessing and getting a drink. If you are doing a combo (Zipline, Swing, Skybridge) and also want to visit the gardens then its about 4 hours return trip to town. It all depends on how many in the group, how often they stop for photos, and how many activities you are planning on doing.

See Vanuatu like never before

We’ve designed and custom-built one of the best adventures in the South Pacific. Soar through the canopy of the Vanuatu jungle and over canyons, while marveling at the amazing views over Mele Bay. It is the longest zipline in the Pacific Islands at over 2km long and 200m high.

Fun for everyone at any age

Suitable for all ages in rain or shine, Vanuatu Jungle Zipline is the best tourism activity to do in Port Vila. You and the whole family will have a great time and make some great memories.

Safety first

From the very beginning right up until the very end of the zipline, you remain continuously connected to the safety line. There is no unclipping at all. We call it a continuous belay.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations fully refunded minus a small banking fee up to 24 hours prior to your reservation.  If on a ship which does not sail into the harbour due to weather or other reasons your booking will be refunded.